Together we can make an IMPACT

Our Story

At our core, IMPACT is a provincial collective impact initiative whose purpose is to define a common understanding of the issue of domestic and sexual violence and then to eradicate it. We will, as a collective, create a movement to achieve this goal. We will capitalize on the strength of existing networks and using the resources, ideas, and influence of our collective membership to make systemic change across Alberta. And we won’t stop there.

Our Approach

Agents of Adaptability:
We believe that violence is preventable. Through identifying what drives and contributes to violence, we can stop it before it begins. Our initiative relies on a collective infrastructure to address complex social issues and create deep, sustainable change. As agents of adaptability, we recognize that our structure, approach, and priorities may alter as we embrace new and emerging ideas as we remain committed to our primary vision to end domestic and sexual violence in Alberta.

Our Membership

As a collective, each additional member brings new experience, knowledge, and resources to the table. So, the larger we grow, the closer we get to eradicating sexual and domestic violence in Alberta.

In addition to having access to our member only resources, educational modules, seminars and conferences, members can also share resources and knowledge with sector experts, researchers and leaders.

Domestic & Sexual Violence is an Epidemic …


of ALBERTANS will experience domestic violence


of domestic and sexual violence goes unreported to supports and services


of adults are survivors of sexual assualt in their lifetime

But We’re Working On A Cure.


eradication of domestic and sexual violence is our goal


provincial entities are involved in our initiative


people have joined our fight against domestic and sexual violence