Join Us

As a collective, each additional member brings new experience, knowledge, and resources to the table. So, the larger we grow, the closer we get to eradicating sexual and domestic violence in Alberta.

In addition to having access to our member only resources, educational modules, seminars, and conferences, members also can share resources with sector experts, researchers and leaders in the sector. It is a great opportunity to network, learn, and influence the discussions about domestic and sexual violence in the province.


IMPACT membership is open to open to any agency, organization, or entity that intersects with reducing domestic/sexual violence in Alberta. We are stronger together, and the collective knowledge, experience, and influence of our membership plays a crucial role in the work that we do.

Benefits of Membership

  • Inclusion on IMPACT newsletter distribution list that includes resources, training opportunities and research from the domestic and sexual violence sector.
  • Centralized access to IMPACT information and resources from the domestic and sexual violence sector.

Collaborative Opportunities

  • Connection to Alberta professionals focusing on family violence issues.
  • Sharing institutional knowledge and contributing to the collective’s goal of eradicating domestic and sexual violence.

Professional Training Opportunities

  • Reduced rate/no fee participation in webinars.
  • Be the first to receive information on upcoming IMPACT training and events.
  • Receive information on other training opportunities and events from IMPACT members across Alberta.
  • Learning opportunities and access to more detailed current and relevant research.